A Kiss From Heaven To Humanity

 "There will be strange signs in the sun, moon, and stars..." Luke 21:25

"There will be strange signs in the sun, moon, and stars..." Luke 21:25

“What about the #eclipse tomorrow on #August 21, 2017? Is there any meaning to this phenomenon? I just received a text from a precious follower of my ministry whether the eclipse tomorrow means anything? I believe it does. It is a kiss from heaven to humanity . It is our indescribable Creator’s attempt to shelter our country in an immeasurable act of grace of the unimaginable atrocities which will be transpiring upon the earth in the days ahead of us.

Several days ago, God spoke again to me regarding these scriptures in Isaiah Chapters 22 - 26. With a special focus on chapter 22. I am not a “prophecy preacher” but God does speak to me prophetically on a regular basis. Though I love all of the Word of God it seems that I have a special drawing to the Old Testament Prophets, especially, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Amos, Joel, Amos and Zechariah. Not of my own choosing, these books have been a magnet to my spirit since a very young age. The Holy Spirit has had even more of a special emphasis in these books I say the last 7 or so years.

Along with this line of thought, I am recalling quite an experience, that is forever branded in my soul and mind when I was 12 years old. I was walking up my rocky road where I lived and I was talking to Him and asking Him questions regarding the “End Times”. I raised myself Baptist, and since I was a “white sheep in a black sheep family”. As you can imagine, persecution started early for me. As a child hungry for God, I would always hear from the Baptist that Jesus was going to return and that He would get us out of here before the “Tribulation”. That along with the theology “Once saved always saved” always seemed to disturb me. And they were “their truths” that quite frankly I could never and have never been able to embrace. They also created many questions and concerns for me. So that day this little Baptist girl was talking to God. Back then, I did not know anybody or even any Baptist that “talked to God”. I always heard, “That God was too busy taking care of the world to take care of me! So don’t bother Him!” I guess I was a Baptist rebel of sorts LOL. I talked God’s arm off—so to speak.

That day, I wanted answers, who better to ask than God Himself? With a simple childlike faith I believed that moment forward His answer to all my questions that day surrounding the end times, “I am coming back in YOUR lifetime.” No, His due date is not tomorrow, but it is soon…and very soon.

(To be continued…)