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"The transformed woman

will embrace the

transforming God."

Jeremiah 31:22

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Hi! I am

Given up for adoption before I was born, I was raised in an extremely dysfunctional and domestically abusive environment. I learned firsthand, and firmly believe that it is not your outer environment, but your inner environment that defines you. As a "white sheep" in a "black sheep" family, I always cherished God and His Word from a young age. Unfortunately, my hunger for God and my passion for making Him smile, increased my childhood abuse. This hostile and manipulative upbringing was not in vain, though. These challenges served as a catalyst into my quest for truth, love, and an intimate relationship with the only father I knew; my Heavenly one.

I sensed from a young age that I was created for a global purpose, and I believe that everyone not only has a purpose, but has been uniquely designed by our Creator for their unique purpose. And, with every unique purpose, comes a unique strategy.

The foundation of each individual’s strategy is an awakening to the reality of the matchless love that God has for each of us. Through this, the ability to lavish His love back unto Him, unto ourselves, and unto others, in a biblical and balanced way, is unleashed!

With my passion for healing and restoring broken hearts by the power of God’s love, I pastored for 20 years, pioneering two churches along the way. In 2007, I was elated to receive a honorary graduate and alumni status from the founders of Rhema USA. All of this paved the way for where God was always taking me. I am now an inspirational and motivational speaker, writer, and transformation coach. You can tune into my radio broadcast on and read my feature column at

Injustices, broken hearts, insecurities, fears, and emotional baggage are just a few of life's inevitable feelings that can hold us back. These topics are woven throughout my speaking and writing, as well as ways to conquer them. Want advice that's thought provoking, practical, and relevant to everyday life? You're in the right place. Feel alone, helpless, or like nobody could possibly understand what you're going through? You're in the right place. Expect to experience God’s grace and be empowered to become the best version of yourself and uncover the courage to freely be uniquely you. I do not doubt that if you join me on this journey, you will feel hope-filled, accepted, valued, empowered, and ultimately, transformed by the power of God’s love. 


The mission is simple: Transform lives by the power of love. You may have noticed in the logo, the heart is imperfect, irregular, missing pieces, has jagged edges, and is unique to only itself. This is not a coincidence. People are the same way. We are messy and broken... but we don't have to stay that way. Our brokenness is a part of getting us to where we were always supposed to be. We can't dwell in it. Instead, we need to embrace it. Love the fact that our story is what makes us unique. Love our scars and acknowledge our battle wounds. Then, pick ourselves up and carry on. Carry out the purposes we were created for because our Creator made it so that we can. Thank God for God, right? Together, let's first love Him, then love ourselves, and then love each other. Let's become the best we can be. Don't forget to be uniquely you and I'll be uniquely me; the unique individuals He created us all to be.



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"The truth hurts; but baby, get over it."

— Robin Alcala



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If you would like to join us in changing lives, click "Give Love" below now! It is our passion to see women from all cultures and races break the stereotypes of who and what they should be, ultimately becoming the best versions of themselves, discovering their purpose, and fulfilling their destiny. With your support, we can do this through radio broadcasts, publications, TV and videos, and seminars and conferences.

And, with our Queen Abigail Project, we can bring healing and hope to women who have experienced living in toxic or abusive environments and relationships. Together, let's revive, repair, restore, and rebuild lives from the effects of verbal, emotional, mental, physical, and/or spiritual abuse.

 Any gift is welcome, big or small. Together, let's make a difference. Let's transform lives by the power of love!